You’ve probably heard of the term ‘watchability’ to describe a video’s ability to attract viewers. In other words, how engaging is the video? It’s not just about the production value, it also depends on the length of time you spend watching videos. If you want to earn more money from your YouTube videos, then spending time filming and editing them is important. The longer you spend filming and recording your videos, the more watch hours they will have. This is how many hours users look at videos in a given month. As an example, if you upload a 5-minute video every week but don’t spend much time editing it, then that video will only have 2 watch hours per month. However, if you spent 3-6 months making that same video and spending more time on it each week, then it would have between 20 -30 watch hours per month. Essentially this means that users are likely to spend more time on videos with higher watch hour counts rather than those with low watch hour counts.

What determines how many watch hours you earn?

The number of hours a video is watched determines how much revenue it will generate for a creator. The amount that you earn from a given video depends mostly on its watch hour count, although other factors like your channel’s relevance and consistency of content also play a role. Since how many watch hours your video will earn is largely dependent on the length of your videos and the amount of time you spend editing them, it’s important to create engaging and quality videos.

Keep adding new videos to your channel

The more videos you add to your channel, the more watch hours they will get. This is because video views are cumulative. If a new video you upload gets watched, then the next video in the playlist will be watched, and so on. Over time, this will exponentially increase the overall watch hour count of your channel. The more videos you add, the more watch hours your channel will get as well. This is because videos are watched sequentially, so the more videos you have, the more likely it is that a new one will be watched in the playlist.

Get Free YouTube Watch Hours

The best way to earn more watch hours is to get free YouTube watch hours from your existing videos. This is because the views from your existing watch hours will be added to your new videos’ playlists. You can do this by making your older videos longer and adding more footage to them. When people watch older videos with longer durations, they are more likely to watch all the way through to the end (since they have more time to finish them). The more watch hours your older videos have, the more watch hours your new videos will have. This means more revenue for you and more exposure for your channel. The easiest way to achieve this is by splicing more footage onto your older videos. Instead of recording just a few seconds, you can add more footage to your videos. This will increase the video’s duration and thus its watch hour count.

Use YouTube’s growth features to boost watch hours

As already mentioned, the length of your videos is an important factor for watch hours. You can use YouTube’s feature to make your videos longer to increase their watch hour counts. This feature is called Video stretching, which lets you choose from among multiple presets (such as “Normal”, “Extended 25%, “Extended 50%,” and “Custom”) to make your videos play at the desired length. Another useful feature for boosting watch hours is the ability to add annotations to your videos. This allows viewers to add comments to any video and is a great way to increase engagement. Annotation features let you add titles, tags, links, photos, drawings, and audio notes to your videos.

Optimize your video for more watch hours next time

The best way to earn more watch hours from your videos is to optimize them for higher watch hour counts. This means that you should try to make your video longer and include more footage in it. Alternatively, you can also increase the video’s resolution and frame rate to make it look better on certain devices. Together these will boost the video’s watch hours and thus increase your revenue. Optimizing your videos will also increase their click-through rates. This is because viewers will be more inclined to click on your videos as they look smoother and better. You can optimize your videos for higher CTR by decreasing their thumbnail sizes, removing watermarks, making the titles shorter, and lowering their resolutions, to name a few.

Don’t forget to Increase subscribers

The most important thing for earning more money from YouTube is to increase your channel's subscribers. Subscribers will attract new people to your videos and watch them. Use GoViral and get free YouTube subscribers. Once they subscribe to your channel, they will watch all your videos. Subscribers are your best fans who will share your videos with their friends, thus increasing your brand recognition. New subscribers are more valuable than old subscribers because they haven’t watched your videos before and may therefore be more likely to watch them. You can earn more money from your subscribers by creating great content, but the most important factor for increasing your revenue is to keep uploading new videos to your channel.


Watch hour counts are one of the most important factors in deciding how much revenue a YouTube video will generate for a creator. The more watch hours a video has, the more likely it is to be watched, which means that it could lead to more revenue. To get more watch hours, it’s important to make engaging videos of high quality, add more footage and longer durations to your videos, and optimize them for higher watch hour counts next time.